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Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee

Orders need to be placed by Monday at 11 AM CST to be fulfilled the following Wednesday. Orders placed after will be fulfilled the following week. All coffees come in 3/4 lb.

You can find tips for brewing home here.

North Star:
Brown Butter • Amaretto • Blackberry

This year’s North Star is brought to you by a single producer… Elmer Mego. His farm is located in the Santo Tomás District of Cutervo about five hours from Jaen the main coffee hub for the region. Elmer Mego is a new relationship for Merit and this lot is an exclusive offering. He runs his farm alongside of his family and 4 children. (We will offer his daughter Veronica Mego’s coffee in April!)

One of the sweetest coffees we’ve cupped from Cajamarca, Elmer’s coffee is extremely balanced with deep notes of plum and blackberry. Can’t wait for y’all to try it!

Cosecha Pura:
Marmalade • Honeydew • Panele

In the summer of 2022, the Cosecha Pura you are about to enjoy was still on coffee shrubs in Yacuanquer, Nariño. Before brewing, roasting, drying, and processing, each cherry was harvested by hand by “recolectores” or pickers, a critical step in the supply chain by a group that is greatly undervalued.

The Cosecha Pura is part of a program that pays a premium to the recolectores for top quality cherries and high yields. We’re not publicly sharing names or pictures of these pickers due to the nature of the security situation in that region.

Cielo Andino:
Ganache • Maple Syrup • Dates

Born solely out of our love for the deeper flavors in coffee that not only pair well with milk but enhance it, the Cielo Andino Espresso, in our humble opinion, is some of our greatest work yet.

A mix of three coffees that on their own work brilliantly as espresso but when blended create a classic, approachable espresso blend formulated for milk-based drinks.

Using our flagship Andino Leal as a foundation for body, acidity, and complexity, we added a natural Brazil from the Mogiana Region for balance, crema and sweetness, and a Peru from Amazonas for clarity and aroma.

From a Cortado to a Mocha, Cielo Andino’s balanced profile of chocolate, toffee, and Warm Spice is sure to be a tasty and reliable workhorse.

Ribang Gayo:
Plum • Grape Jam • Root Beer

Ribang Gayo is back for the 3rd year in a row! This season’s harvest is slightly cleaner and more fruit forward than previous years, which is a good thing in our book! Big body and dark fruits make this perfect for espresso, and as always will be just as satisfying as a batch brew or pour over.

Basha Bekele:
Raspberry Jam • Honeydew • Blueberry

We like naturals. We also know that you like naturals. We like how they roast; we like how they cup; we like how the room smells when we grind them, and most importantly, we like drinking them!! Basha Bekele embodies the familiar “berry punch” profile that’s why many of us got involved in coffee, to begin with. If we overhear you say, “It doesn’t even smell like coffee!” we have done our job. Can’t wait for you to try it!

South Presa:
Dark Chocolate • Maple • Citrus

South Presa takes two reliable yet distinct elements together for a harmonious, approachable coffee.

The South Presa Home Blend comes entirely from very small-scale farmers. Though many are not certified organic, their traditional practices eliminate many of the pitfalls of industrial agriculture. It honors those who take the most risk to create the delicious coffees we drink every day.

Orange Blossom • Black Currant • Cardamom

Back by popular demand and one of my personal favorites! Our partners at the Guchienda Estate have produced a very classic and refined Kenyan profile, with notes of black current, tropical fruit, and warm spice.

This lot landed in New York about 4 weeks ago so the green coffee is as fresh and crisp as it can be. A friendly word of advice for our online guests – this one is a cult favorite in our shops and won’t last long!

Hola Templo
Butterscotch • Mulling Spice • Dried Pineapple

Despite the tireless forecasting and modeling that goes into coffee sourcing, sometimes things don’t work out as planned. When this inevitably happens, I like to think of it as serendipity, an opportunity to see what new doors might open.

Last fall we had an unplanned gap in our offerings list opening our cupping table to something new – and the Hola Templo is what we found. The coffee was so well received by y’all and our staff that I brought it back this year. What was meant to be a one-time roast is now becoming one of our most talked about offerings. Hope y’all like this year’s Hola Templo as much as last year’s! I know we do.

El Purutal:
Caramel • Citrus • Chocolate

El Purutal was created to honor the coffee profile of the central and south Huila region. Around its mountains, outstanding coffees are grown, which are carefully selected through a rigorous sensory analysis to guarantee the profile consistency and quality.

The Huilan landscape is dominated by volcanos and mountains, providing a rich terroir of high altitude and fertile soils and offering a wide range of ecosystems where coffee can be grown. There are producing farms ranging from 1500 m.a.s.l. up to 2.300 m.a.s.l., conferring great attributes to the cup profile such as bright acidity and characteristic sweet notes.

Chocolate • Almond • Brown Sugar

Our foundation at Merit is built on the pursuit of perfection across three different areas: roasting, sourcing and brewing. I see all of our work as a study. An exploration into the next great thing, the next great micro-lot, the next great growing region, the next great tasting experience. Every coffee we work with brings us closer to that goal, and every day we are learning.

Strawberry • Vanilla Bean • Clove

Even with our decaf offering, we take our passion for transparency and flavor seriously. We find that the ethyl acetate decaf process produces coffees with a warm, cozy feel and a distinct berry note. 
Roasters Blend / Iced Coffee:

Our rotating seasonal selection for iced coffee. Coffees may change, but you'll always get the same full-bodied profile. 

Andino Leal:

One of our most versatile coffees, this all-around star is at once chocolatey, fruity, and grounded.

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