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Handmade in San Antonio, TX

Core Principles
Jung Provisions spawned as a creative outlet for products that I wanted for myself. The idea being simple, create products with passion, premium and natural ingredients, and minimal processing. 
The Vision 
Finding gender neutral, natural, and aesthetically appealing skincare, hair care, and lifestyle products can sometimes be exhausting. Rather than paying a premium for a niche product, we at Jung Provisions decided to make the products we wanted in our everyday life. At the moment, the product line consists of candles but in the future we expect to develop hand salves, solid colognes, lip balms, pomades, and soaps. These products are not aimed specifically at either men or women but with the intention being geared towards anyone who is looking for something versatile to match or run seamless with any aesthetic. 
Who We Are 
The products you see are the effort of a small team of individual contributors willing and able to support the cause. They believe in the brand and support the products through and through. These individuals help guide the vision by offering their expertise in design, digital experience, marketing strategy, and ideation of future products. 

Founded in 2018