Specialty Third Wave Coffee

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Specialty Third Wave Coffee
Specialty Third Wave Coffee
Specialty Third Wave Coffee

Orders need to be placed by Monday at 11 AM CST to be fulfilled the following Wednesday. Orders placed after will be fulfilled the following week. All coffees come in 3/4 lb.

You can find tips for brewing home here.

Senda Red Honey:

Tangerine • Syrupy • Grape

The last lot of our La Senda Series is full of syrupy grape and tropical citrus flavors. We'll be using this as espresso in Merit cafes, but this coffee is also incredible as filter.


Chocolate Mousse • Green Apple • Silky

Magdalena is a filter coffee from one of our favorite regions, Colombia's southern Huila province. Expect pillowy texture like chocolate mousse, with crisp acidity like green apple.


Gingerbread • Plum • Orange Marmalade

An experimental Ethiopian that is perfect for the holidays. Producer Michael Omran adapts the triple-fermentation technique to create a coffee with notes of golden raisin, gingerbread, and candied citrus.

Limited Time coffees are available for less than a month. Get ‘em while they’re hot!


Dembi Udo Natural:

Blueberry • Strawberry Jam • Floral

A fruit-bomb natural process from Dembi Udo, where a new crop of farmers bring fresh energy to a classic Ethiopian coffee.



Cacao Nibs • Raisin • Plum

One of the best ways to support farmers is to buy the varying qualities that they produce. That's exactly what we do in the community of Bruselas, Huila. These are the same small producers that contribute to Andino. Bruselas is the foundational, profound sister to Andino's juicy brightness. Look for smooth milk chocolate notes.


Strawberry • Vanilla Bean • Clove

Even with our decaf offering, we take our passion for transparency and flavor seriously. We find that the ethyl acetate decaf process produces coffees with a warm, cozy feel and a distinct berry note. 


Roasters Blend / Iced Coffee:

Our rotating seasonal selection for iced coffee. Coffees may change, but you'll always get the same full-bodied profile.


Andino Leal:

One of our most versatile coffees, this all-around star is at once chocolatey, fruity, and grounded.

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