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Merit Coffee

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Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee

The week of 10/9/2023, the office will be closed and we will not be processing orders! If placed after 10/2/2023, your order will get processed the week of 10/16/2023.

Orders need to be placed by Monday at 11 AM CST to be fulfilled the following Wednesday. Orders placed after will be fulfilled the following week. All coffees come in 3/4 lb.

You can find tips for brewing home here.

El Diablito:
 Lilac • Nectarine • Frankincense

Our latest offering comes from the El Diablo Nature Reserve in the hills surrounding Jinotega Nicaragua, adjacent to Datanlí.

We are happy to offer you only our second coffee from Nicaragua in the last three seasons – El Diablito. Produced by a group of growers in the El Diablo community outside of Ciudad Jinotega, the cool temperatures during the ripening stage make for a sweet and complex cup. Look for a balanced profile of soft florals, aromatic tree resins, and stone fruit.
La Curandera:
Cardamom • Dark Chocolate • Dried Apricot

La Curendera is a traditionally processed field blend of 26 small holder producers in the Mazateca Region of Oaxaca. After the coffee cherries are pulped by hand, the coffee is fermented in open wooden or plastic tanks before being dried for 9-12 days on traditional palm mats. In a sense La Curandera is a time machine, proving that great quality can be acheived with limited recources. The cup is clean and complex with notes of chocolate, spice, and dried fruit.

Gargari Station:
Lychee • Fruit Cocktail • Peach Rings

Another classic washed Ethiopia! This time from the Yirgacheffe region. The juicy sweetness we love and expect from these types of coffees is there in spades! Ripe nectarine, lychee, jasmine, and perfectly bright acidity make the Gargari Station the perfect afternoon pour over.

Niguse Nara:
Elderberry • Citra Hops • Blackberry Jam

Niguse Nara is the last lot in our premium natural line until new crop arrives in August. And – as you will soon find out – certainly not the least.

This will be the 3rd season in a row offering Niguse’s traditional natural processed coffee. Outside of the experimental lots that we will offer in the fall, Niguse has exclusively focused on natural coffees – perfecting his craft with some of the cleanest and pure natural Sidama’s that have passed our cupping table – berry forward, slight florals and incredibly sweet.

Cielo Andino:
Ganache • Maple Syrup • Dates

Born solely out of our love for the deeper flavors in coffee that not only pair well with milk but enhance it, the Cielo Andino Espresso, in our humble opinion, is some of our greatest work yet.

A mix of three coffees that on their own work brilliantly as espresso but when blended create a classic, approachable espresso blend formulated for milk-based drinks.

Using our flagship Andino Leal as a foundation for body, acidity, and complexity, we added a natural Brazil from the Mogiana Region for balance, crema and sweetness, and a Peru from Amazonas for clarity and aroma.

From a Cortado to a Mocha, Cielo Andino’s balanced profile of chocolate, toffee, and Warm Spice is sure to be a tasty and reliable workhorse.

South Presa:
Dark Chocolate • Maple • Citrus

South Presa takes two reliable yet distinct elements together for a harmonious, approachable coffee.

The South Presa Home Blend comes entirely from very small-scale farmers. Though many are not certified organic, their traditional practices eliminate many of the pitfalls of industrial agriculture. It honors those who take the most risk to create the delicious coffees we drink every day.

El Purutal:
Caramel • Citrus • Chocolate

El Purutal was created to honor the coffee profile of the central and south Huila region. Around its mountains, outstanding coffees are grown, which are carefully selected through a rigorous sensory analysis to guarantee the profile consistency and quality.

The Huilan landscape is dominated by volcanos and mountains, providing a rich terroir of high altitude and fertile soils and offering a wide range of ecosystems where coffee can be grown. There are producing farms ranging from 1500 m.a.s.l. up to 2.300 m.a.s.l., conferring great attributes to the cup profile such as bright acidity and characteristic sweet notes.

Chocolate • Almond • Brown Sugar

Our foundation at Merit is built on the pursuit of perfection across three different areas: roasting, sourcing and brewing. I see all of our work as a study. An exploration into the next great thing, the next great micro-lot, the next great growing region, the next great tasting experience. Every coffee we work with brings us closer to that goal, and every day we are learning.

Strawberry • Vanilla Bean • Clove

Even with our decaf offering, we take our passion for transparency and flavor seriously. We find that the ethyl acetate decaf process produces coffees with a warm, cozy feel and a distinct berry note. 
Roasters Blend / Iced Coffee:

Our rotating seasonal selection for iced coffee. Coffees may change, but you'll always get the same full-bodied profile. 

Andino Leal:

One of our most versatile coffees, this all-around star is at once chocolatey, fruity, and grounded.

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